Q.  Why should we choose to do business with Sunbelt Electric versus another Electrical contractor?
A.   Sunbelt Electric is unique because we are a small company with very skilled and experienced people.  Our electricians receive ongoing high quality training and work on a wide variety of projects.   We are nimble and flexible but have the resources of our parent company ACCO Engineered Services to support us.

Q.  What voltage systems does Sunbelt Electric work on?
A.  Sunbelt Electric works on the following voltage systems: Lo-Voltage control systems, Line voltage to medium voltage (120 thru 4160).

Q.  What is the average time duration of most of Sunbelt Electric projects?
A.  Sunbelt works on a variety of sizes of projects lasting from a few months to over a year.  An average project takes 6 months to complete.

Q.  Who are Sunbelt Electric’s clients?
A.   Griffith Park Observatory,  Fullerton Community College,  China Lake NAWs, etc.

Q.  Does Sunbelt Electric hire non-Union employees?
A.  All Electricians hired by Sunbelt Electric are IBEW members.   Sales and support staff functions are generally non-Union.

Q.  What are the qualifications/requirements for a Sales position at Sunbelt Electric?
A.  Electrical Design or Engineering, Electrical Construction, Electrical Construction Management, Project Management any or all of the above.